The Jack's Tales Series-Written especially for Reluctant Readers 




The Jack's Tales series of chapter books are action-packed, character-centered, and humorous stories, written especially for reluctant readers ages 7 to 11 or so. 

"My name is Vincent and I am 10 years old. I go to Rogers Middle School in Irondequoit, NY. I just finished reading your book with my dad. It was a birthday gift from my babysitter Joanne and she even got it signed for me. It was a really good book. I get a little nervous about things and have some fears I can't always control. Your book really helped me with that. I think I am a lot like Jack. It made me feel good that other kids have fears too. I thought I was the only one. It made me feel good that by the end of each story there was really nothing to be afraid of. I really liked that there were places from my own town right in the story too. I think a lot of kids will like this book."

    - Vincent Maddelino, 4th. Grade Student

Vincent's words in my email inbox a few weeks after signing his copy of Jack's Tales  did as much for me as I had hoped my words would do for him.   Thanks, Vincent:)


Meet Jack! 

- He’s afraid that his basement is haunted.

- He’s scared that there is a monster 

in the bay. 

- He’s nervous about the championship soccer game. 

But he’s also determined to overcome his fears, even if it means serving pizza to a ghost!  


“Young readers will not only love the accessibility and reading ease of these three original funny but true-to-life short stories; they’ll love Jack too and his every-boy realness. Boys especially will be turning the pages, cheering Jack on, as season after season, he learns to best his fears.”

- Esther Hershenhorn; Former Society of Children's Books Writer's and Illustrator's board member, award winning children’s author & teacher at the University of Chicago Writer’s Studio.



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